If you, your family or a friend are looking for a wonderful, personal tour, cab, taxi service or transportation option in Cuba, look no further.  Maikel Alvarez is a native of Cuba who speaks many languages, including English (a bit broken but getting better with the increase in western tourism).  Maikel's cab is comfortable, modern and clean.

Whether for the business or personal traveler, Maikel will comfortably transport you wherever you wish to go in Cuba.  More importantly, Maikel will gladly take you to and provide you insights about areas you may otherwise never find.

Fine restaurants located in private homes - you're there.  Hidden local treasures, towns and beaches - you're there.  Local nightlife and culture - you're there.

And, with a nice family man at the helm who will do everything to make your experience in Cuba the best!

** My family and I enjoyed Maikel, his family, his cab, his country, and his hard work enough to make and manage this website for him from the U.S., because this type of opportunity is not presently possible in Cuba.  He is, perhaps, one of the first cab drivers in Cuba to have a site on the www.  He's worth it, for so many reasons, and you'll come to understand that immediately upon meeting him.  Treat yourself to this unique, excellent experience, while helping him, his family and business.


Unspoiled Beauty

Tour through mountains.

Historical Sites

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Explore old seaside forts that are World Heritage sites.

Amazing Views

Enjoy views not found elsewhere in the world.